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Ras Teo
Born into an Orthodox Christian culture on October 5, 1979 my parents moved to Sweden when I was just a couple months old. We lived in the high crime and drug trafficking city of Gottsunda until I was in my late teens. At the age of 13 in the ghettos of Gottsunda, I heard a cassette tape from Zion which ended up being part of my heart forever. Pablo Gad, Iqulah, Ijaman levy, Jah Shaka, Hugh Mundell, Israel Vibration, Don Carlos, Fredlocks, Alpha Blondy & Black Roots etc were the first Rastas I started my journey with. I owe it all to my friend who still resides there & who introduced it to me & got me started on a collection which spans over 4,500 roots reggae records.

By the time I was 17 I was living in the United States in the cultural melting pot, Los Angeles, California. At this point I really started experimenting this style of music , which is more than just a music, itís a way of life. A life which leads towards being a dedicated Rastaman. Having this growing collection of records and help from Jah Rastafari eventually led to me being the first Armenian / Reggae singer / song writer. I was united with several legends like Santa Davis who played in Soul Syndicate band and drummer for Peter Tosh from the original Wailers; Haile Maskel aka Mikey Ras Star original member of Light of Saba and formally member of the classic group the Rastafarians, plus I have worked with Jonah Dan legendary singer ,producer and one of Ukís finest reggae percussionist. This was another blessing thanks to bredda Reuben Unitone Addis who from the beginning believed in me and got my foot in the door. For this you are forever grateful.

Also I have worked with Jah Eye from Unity Works. He too has been a huge influence on me so far in my journey. Currently I am working with up and coming trombonist Hornsman Coyote and producer Rebel Steppa. I have worked Tesfa sound in Sweden and been played on their Tesfa radio station in Sweden.This is my debut album (Mystic Morning) which I believe to be straight roots rasta vibes with militant feelings and chanting rasta lyrics.

Recommended release:

Mystic Morning Title: Mystic Morning
Artist: Ras Teo
Year: 2009
Label: Forward Bound Records
More info:
Where to buy: Amazon | CD Baby
01 - Be Righteous
02 - Nattydreadlocks
03 - Entah
04 - Lick It Down
05 - Children Are Crying for Peace
06 - Natural Woman
07 - Tallawah
08 - Train of Zion
09 - We Ah Pray
10 - Officer Officer
11 - Row
12 - Gottsunda
13 - Jahoviah

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