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1.FM SurfoReggae


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Advertise their product or service on this station, see below some reasons to do this:

Why advertise on Internet Radio?

  • Internet radio plays far fewer commercials per hour. This low spot load equals high attention levels which increases the chances of an ad to get the full intention it requires.
  • Listeners are only one click away from an advertiser's web site. They are online and have browser windows open. This makes it very easy to get listeners to visit the advertiser website.
  • Web radio listeners are a highly active group of consumers with above average levels of purchase intentions and are early adopters of other new media options and technologies according to an analysis by BIGresearch.
  • The typical web radio listener is most likely to be young and well paid and with an average household income of $54,334 (BIGresearch).

Why advertise on 1.FM ReggaeTrade?

  • 1.FM ReggaeTrade is one of the top online reggae radio destinations on the internet.
  • We had approx 300.000 ATH (Aggregated Tuning Hours) by month. This will ensure great exposure to your ad.
  • With advertising reaching near-saturation levels and consumer eyeballs shifting away from traditional ads, Internet Radio helps stand out from the crowd and your product with unique exposure.
  • Supporting our listeners' favorite radio station will give your ad a positive brand connotation.
  • We offer many different advertisement options and combinations to suite your specific advertising needs.
  • The majority of our audience consists of affluent 20-40 y/o who are comfortable with spending money online.
  • Our audience is very loyal, makes frequent visits to the site and stays tuned in for long period of times.
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